Волшебник страны Оз. Слушаем на английском. 06-10



Волшебник страны Оз

Домашнее задание:

Делать обязательно вдвоем
Кто быстрее!
Повторяя за диктором, выучите текст
Перепишите текст и транскрипцию
Из текста сделайте свой словарик

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The Wizard of Os — 06

And when a cyclone came, people went down
into their cellars and stayed there.
One day Uncle Henry came out and
looked up at the sky.

The Wizard of Os — 07

Then he ran quickly back into the house.
— There’s cyclone coming, — he called to Aunt Em and Dorothy.
— We must go down into the cellar!

The Wizard of Os — 08

They ran to the door of the cellar,
but Toto was afraid, and he ran under the bed.
Dorothy ran after him.

The Wizard of Os — 09

— Quick! — shouted Aunt Am from the cellar.
— Leave the dog and come down into the cellar!
Dorothy picked up Toto and ran to the cellar door.

The Wizard of Os — 10

But before she got there,
the cyclone hit the house.
And then a very strange thing happened.


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Волшебник страны Оз и другие сказки


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