Волшебник страны Оз. Слушаем на английском. 51-55


Волшебник страны Оз

Домашнее задание:

Делать обязательно вдвоем
Кто быстрее!
Повторяя за диктором, выучите текст
Перепишите текст и транскрипцию
Из текста сделайте свой словарик

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The Wizard of Os — 51

— Nothing can hurt me, said the Scarecrow.
— I’m not afraid of anything…
Well, that’s not true.
I am afraid of fire, of course.

The Wizard of Os — 52

Dorothy walked along the road with her new friend.
Soon she began to feel hungry,
so she sat down and she and Toto ate some bread and apples.
— Would you like some? said Dorothy.

The Wizard of Os — 53

— No, thank you, said the Scarecrow.
I don’t need to eat or drink.
You can’t eat when you’re made of straw…

The Wizard of Os — 54

Now, tell me about your home.
So Dorothy told him about Kansas,
and Uncle Henry and Aunt Em, and the cyclone.

The Wizard of Os — 55

— But why do you want to leave this beautiful country?
asked the Scarecrow.
— Kansas, you say, has no trees, no green hills, no gardens.
I don’t understand.

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Волшебник страны Оз и другие сказки

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